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Online 1:1 Coding Classes for 6 - 16 Yrs

Learn from home and boost your kids' logical, adaptive and creative thinking

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1:1 Live Instructor Led


1 Week to 12 Weeks


Build Commerical Projects



Career Map

Get Mentored for Future

Quarterly Support

Quarterly knowledge Boost

Learn from the Best minds of the industry and the best part? all are going to be women

Programs for your Kid

Best in-class content from the leading industry experts and faculties in the form of live virtual one-on-one classes, gamified learning and develop commercial projects



  • Curriculum


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  • Cognitive Benefits



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Let's build your kid's Creativity, Logical and Adaptibility Thinking

Why Coding is essential for Kids ?


Make kids Future Job ready!

  • As Bill Gates said, learning to write programs not only helps you think better but also stretches your mind. This means there are many benefits of coding for students and kids.
  • - Bill Gates

Why LetsUpgrade Jr ?

Programming makes the kids more creative, design things on their own and develop the spirit of problem solving. LetsUpgrade Jr is now exclusively for kids

Why LetsUpgrade Jr ?

Programming languages and tools the kids will learn

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